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What others are saying about our spiritual healing products and spiritual healing.

"Thank you for this beautiful gift to the world, I am listening to it for the 4th time now and each time get more and more out of it.  It is a powerful tool for shifting and change and since I have used your beautiful music in my Sound Therapy Workshops for over a year now I can testify to the powerful changes that have taken place for many people as I see them shift and change, often the same day and many times over the course of a month or two.  This work is very powerful and is used for the Highest Good of All, as it is intended.  This will bring much peace, prosperity and power to many and I thank you for your part in bringing it to the world." 

I would like to have these on hand for my workshops as soon as they're available. Thank you so much for your work,  we'll talk or work together more soon.

Susan -


The quantum energy sounds mess with my head.  Instead of just imagining the golden dome spinning, it feels like that inside me.  I can tell my conscious mind must be resisting the changes, because the feeling stopped after it went back to the soothing stuff.  Courtney said my aura was a deeper bluish green after listening to the new cd.  When I visualize the energy entering my crown chakra, I can feel the energy, very strong, in the spot where the mole is coming back on top of my head.  It is getting easier to clear and center my chakras.  My lower back aches a little during that part too.  But, I feel very exhilarated, relaxed and happy afterwards.  My eyes are usually wet, too, during the releases.  Tears flowed freely throughout for me.  The big word for it is cathartic which I guess I need.  Sounds of water has always been very soothing to me.  I will continue to use it.  I haven't felt like that since I was baptized.  In a way it is a renewal of that commitment from another angle. And I have noticed less desire to over eat in reaction to life's challenges, too. I am blessed to know you.

Love! Gloria Kellat, Las Vegas, NV


All I can say about these CDs is Wow! Wow! Wow! I have not experienced healing this deep in a long time. I immediately felt it in my feet, then a minute later in my head. I could instantly feel it moving through all my chakras. My head hurt at times, such as when talking about the lack of money. I could definitely feel the energy moving and clearing. I thought I was past all that.

Many years ago, I attended an all day group healing session by a Network Chiropractor. The healing he did was very high level. The Harmonic Symphony CD gives me the same level of healing that I received in the all day healing sessions. I have chronic pain in my back which has improved dramatically since I have been using the CD at least once daily, usually more. The CDs were just what I needed in my life right now :-) . I cannot thank you enough,    Rev. Claudia McNeely, Tx.

Hi Earl just thought I would give you a follow up:

1st week have 4 visions all three are good apart from one.
2nd week becoming more confident, and far more focused, (I have a busy mind, low self esteem) more visionary dreams very real.
3rd week I can hear myself thinking, and aware,
4th week am talking with my higher self, taking advice, and using it.

Your music is brilliant helping me to find myself, to acknowledge my worth, also using them with my clients. Many thanks for the music, I often wonder how you felt while producing it, it must have been amazing. Kindest regards,  Val,   United Kingdom


Earl, I have been using your CDs for close to a year now and have witnessed many 'miracles'.

The cosmic CD is very effective when I do deep emotional trauma work. I work using kinesiology and Neuro emotional techniques plus a certain amount of intuition (guided) to help often women overcome deep hurts. When I have the cosmic sounds CD on, the effect of 'cleansing' is visible after the session. Their faces look lighter as if a dark cloud was lifted away. This has happened multiple times.

I have used the Metatron's harmonics personally when I had a sore throat and could see and feel the throat 'infection' lift whilst meditation on the pharyngitis.

In another instance - a patient of mine walked into the room when I had this on in the background and said the power in the room was so great she felt like she had walked into a energy field. She has since
purchased your full set.

Also, I have a patient who is battling cancer and used the Christ frequency CD. She woke up the next morning and was very clear. She said, "I realized my whole life pattern was repeating. My whole life has been very difficult and been a struggle from day 1, with little support and clarity. I was trying to find where I fitted into the big scheme of things" ...... ' " I was a daughter born into a family..... Except this family had a lot of problems, forma war zone, torn by war, ....learnt to manipulate things"...." now I can see it very clearly and feel free".

"Now I realize I have been living in a box"... " I now realize who I was" "It is really really clear that the whole universe  is unconditional love. It permeates everything. There is no separation". "we are all part of this incredible energy and force. We are all here because of this enormous love" "Before, for me it is to find myself in the middle of a shit storm", now "I have never been so grateful, so filled with love and gratitude".

WOW! How is that for feedback. Thank you!

Sincerely, .....   Australia (full name withheld for professional reasons)

First, Let me say a very big "THANK YOU!" Your workshop was the most outstanding time ever!!!! I have been practicing meditation for over 8 years now and NEVER, NEVER, have I gone to a place of such joy and bliss. You have an ascension tool that all mankind must experience!   Andre Williams,  Lancaster, Tx. 

“I got a chance to play one of your CD's today for one of my patients. It was Cosmic Connection and it put him in an altered state and I was able to clear up some old entrenched patterns along his spine and head very easily. Cool! Stay in touch.”    Dr. Chris in MN. 

Thank you! My experience was soooo beautiful and almost overwhelming. I have never felt anything like that before in my entire life. I feel I released some major doubts and fears today. I guess I had some self esteem issues and a self-punishment thing going on a little. This was the most profound thing that has ever happened to me. When I left I was glowing in the dark. Had a smile from ear to ear, couldn't quit smiling.   Shelly B., Rockwall, Tx.

“I have been playing your frequencies again and I feel them working in specific areas of my body. They are truly amazing, still!”   Abby Hasik, Kansas   

”Thanks for a great workshop. I "felt" some very high beings, they were *close* all around me. Fantastic! I knew I'd gone to a different place, and I think it may have been a higher dimension. I felt my Higher Self with me, I didn't want to come back, really! Since the workshop, I have noticed a greater capacity to "suddenly know" things from out of the blue. And, it's funny, my knees *do* feel like they've been worked on. I'm very keen to do more” , Shelly Hatfield, Seattle Wa. 

Just a line or 2 for U... after years of practicing and studying all this stuff, all of a sudden the M-Power Me CD simply made it all kick into knowing at a deep core level of my true being. And after experiencing your healing tones & frequencies, I feel you may have actually found the Love Chord,,, if I were to give it a name. I feel positive physical shifting... the old body is feeling much better. Whew!!!! Good Stuff.   Larry Lund, Ft. Worth, Tx.

I wanted to let you know that I just received your CD Natural Balance the other day and every time I use it, something peculiar happens. The first time I used it, I saw sparks and I wasn't sure if I fell asleep or where I went? All I know is that it made me totally relaxed. My Dog usually listens to it too and it knocks him out as if he went on a 5 mile walk! He also suffers from separation anxiety so I put the CD on when I leave him.

The next night, I used it again when I went to sleep and I had the most unusual dreams about my dead Grandmother who I never dream about. I think that there was some sort of message in the dream which I am still trying to figure out.

I also want to point out that I suffer from Manic Depression and this CD has helped my mind relax in a way that is hard to explain. My recommendation would be for anyone with this problem to try it and see what I mean.... I am a runner, practice yoga and believe in health, but
the after effect that I get from this CD is different than anything that I have ever experienced. Thank you for your help!!!!     Mari-Jo S.,   MI

From an awakening female soul in Iran -


i do all of that you say. the attunments was very power-beutifull -full the color light -love. i pray for you , familly,your ferends. you are very kindly & my Reiki master. my family sleepe & i type this hardly. i'm very happy now & want to cry but with happenes. do you have a Reiki book that write yourself. do you want to have Iranian your cds. i can help you. love for you thanks, thanks, thanks...very much. love &light for you

The exclusive distributor for French Tahiti Islands:

Hi Earl,

You did a good job with Lord Metatron. Thank you. Since I play your CDs, I noticed that I am more peaceful and I have more energy. I started to translate your documentation. Later, we will see how to work together to reach the French and Spanish speaking countries. 
Thank you. God bless you,     Irma

Earl, I have read all enclosures that accompanied the CD, and found them to be very informational and supportive. I have listened to the CD only once (which was last night). I was amazed at how my pets, 4 dogs and a cat, reacted to the sounds. I too did experience a deep meditation, and my sleep last night was very deep and sound. Also, I did dream about a person that I have had negative vibrations from for the past 2 years, odd as she is not the foremost thing on my mind, however I feel very bad about her negative feelings towards me. The only thing I remember about the dream is seeing her in a dim light and her looking very upset at my being there. Then, the only other thing I remember is when I left her, she was glowing and seemed very happy and relieved. I did not realize that I was "dreaming", only that I was in a deep, deep sleep.

My sleep for the past two nights has been incredible, so sound and I awaken so energized. I believe myself to be ascended, and after reading your writing on the difference between having "faith" and ascending I realized that I ascended a long, long time ago. I thought I was being a bit egotistical with the thought that I KNEW exactly what is beyond this world, but now I realize that I have been privileged to understand ascension. Finally, another person that "gets it". Thank God for you and your work. Peace, Rosalie Chapoton, MI.

from Mexico:

My name is Irma Martinez and the first time I listened to the Metatron CD, I saw a beautiful, masculine face above me. He radiated love and peace. I do not see "visions" usually. So, I was very awed by the experience. The second time I listened to the CD, I saw a person I used to know and have not seen for a long time. I could not believe it! He was right there in my bedroom! I kept blinking my eyes but he remained there for a few seconds until I closed my eyes for a minute and he was gone. I love to listen to the CD and I love how I feel when I listen to it. Thank you.

Earl, just a follow up..  I love your combination meditation and prayer. The words are wonderful and the background music is perfect. As I repeated each affirmation/intention it's almost like a command to the brain because your voice and the  music together is very hypnotic.  I will not be the only who who wants to repeat the new patterns of perfection!!! It's awesome to wake up in the morning!! I am filled with such joy! I know that I command WEALTH, LOVE AND PEACE.   I AM THAT, I AM... Donya Joy






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