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The History of the Trinity Table

The Trinity Table is very simple in concept, it could be thought of as a "Sacred Tool" or an engine to assist in producing an enhanced environment for Conscious Expansion"

Special Notice:
There is only one builder and one source for a Real Trinity Table which was Jim Harmon. Jim Harmon was the most humble soul... He lived in northeast Texas with his wife, Connie on a 29 acre farm.  He was a self taught engineer who designed, built, and flew ultralight planes.

So the story goes, one day his ultralight plane crashed, nose first, into the ground. The plane was totally destroyed. He walked away completely unscathed. Shortly after this event he started having dreams and receiving guidance about creating a technology that could be used to assist alcoholics and drug addicts to overcome their dependency and underlying emotional issues.

During field trials and testing Jim and Connie, both, started seeing various spiritual energies and witnessed some amazing phenomenon happening during client's sessions on the Trinity Table. This phenomenon was completely new to them.  These new found Clairvoyant abilities opened a whole another world.  Now Jim would not think of himself to this point as  "spiritual", however did tell me he read the entire Bible by age 12 and was always fascinated with quantum mechanics...

 It didn't take long to realize this technology may not be readily accepted in the medical field, which was the original intention.  With all the benefits he was observing he knew the importance, so carried forth through the Metaphysical field.

I had the honor, privilege, and pleasure to work with this brilliant man for over 15 yrs. who I consider to be my mentor and best friend...  ~Earl B. Hall


This is Jim's description of the Trinity Table left as he wrote it.

 It is what is referred to as a Passive Motion table, providing a Gentle Rocking motion and a slow rotation. It is hand constructed of Red Appalachian Oak and is driven hydraulically.

The person utilizing it merely lies upon the table, the subtle motion provides a gentle back-to-the-womb experience allowing a deep state of relaxation to occur very rapidly. During the experience, the lower Alpha, Theta and even Delta state can be achieved. The Theta state is that which is only reached a few moments during deep sleep or by a proficient meditator, true Delta is normally virtually impossible to achieve. It has been determined that within the lower Theta and optimally in the Delta is where the perfect Healing state occurs, as when the perfect "Healer - Subject" condition is created. The most apparent condition experienced is the elevation and balancing of the subject's "Energetic System".

Early in this research it was theorized that if the table was placed in a specific room or structure that its effects would be further intensified. Such a prototype room was constructed in the spring of '98 and immediately demonstrated all the expected energetic enhancements. The room is constructed primarily of wood, twenty feet across in an octagon with a half pitch pyramidal ceiling.

Virtually every person and every Professional who has experienced the Table and observed others has been truly amazed and astounded by the results. The Table, when combined with other modalities, is greatly enhanced, especially when experienced in a group setting. The Table could be considered as a Sacred Object and operating in conjunction with all laws of physics of the universe. When used with the proper Intent it serves to readily open the consciousness and the connection with the Universal Energy. During healing sessions using the Table, an elevated and enhanced inter-dimensional energetic field is produced. This occurrence vastly increases the intensity of any healing session. This field is of extremely high intensity within a twenty foot diameter, with a secondary strong field extending to thirty to thirty five feet in diameter. A third field radius extends about twenty four hundred feet covering an area of approximately seventy five thousand square feet.

Stargate is a relatively new term and concept. Essentially it is the equivalent to what has long been referred to as a Portal or opening accessing the Universal Consciousness and other dimensionalities. This is a general understanding of its implications as it applies to all the aspects of Healing. We as spiritual beings when in a healing session are essentially focusing energy and opening a multi and inter-dimensional window or connection with the universal energy and consciousness. In effect there is a stargate created wherein unlimited possibilities exist for work to be performed at all energetic levels. Persons who are gifted with extended sensory abilities usually are very aware of these fields even at extensive distances. Many of the Healing effects produce observable and measurable verification and validation by various scientific methods. As a Healing Tool the Table is working in conjunction with the Creative Consciousness and Energy. 

Whether any discovery is a result of hard work or merely remembered from some other place or time should be considered.

The results of this work is an amazing mix of interesting coincidences and amazing consequences. It began with the intent of building a device that could be used to introduce a euphoric state in subjects for the purpose of a non-drug therapy. It was primarily created to be used in alcohol and drug dependency cases.

The original concept was developed in 1985. A working prototype was finalized in 1989. The original design was similar to the four axis devices used in the aerospace program. This configuration allowed a subject to be moved in any combination of motions and speeds. Initial testing indicated the device helped improve motor skills and functional abilities. The ability of the device to produce the intended vertigo and euphoric states were also confirmed. In 1990 several sessions were observed using Thermographic Imaging. These tests indicated a pronounced correction of physiological temperature imbalances that could not be explained. The motion alone could not be responsible for the degree of change observed. During many sessions some physical pains were eliminated while reaching a state of deep relaxation. Some experienced strong emotional releases while others described profound spiritual experiences being induced. Subsequent tests were made using direct EEG telemetry that confirmed the induction of altered states within the lower Theta and even Delta range. The most enlightening discovery was when the extreme Delta state was encountered it allowed a person to enter states of super consciousness. When there appeared to be the least mental activity the experiential consciousness was at its highest.

 During this testing, the many unusual events which were observed prompted the construction of the second prototype. The second prototype was intended as a vehicle to explore and document these healing and spiritual experiences. This was quickly expanded into the primary research vehicle, now referred to as The Trinity Table. The first prototype of The Trinity Table was constructed of metal, incorporating only horizontal movement and rotational capabilities. Almost immediately many events began occurring that could only be referred to as "Healing Effects". These healing properties could only be described as "Spiritual" or "Metaphysical" occurrences. The third and current version of the Table is constructed primarily of wood and hydraulically driven to minimize any magnetic and electromagnetic influences.

Twelve years have been devoted to intensive research and exploration in the realm of the unexplained, science, physics, medical, metaphysical, religion and spirituality. The conclusion reached was that all is truly connected and all the esoteric intangible does truly exist. Until now it has never been understood how the mysterious thing we call the "The Spiritual" works or operates or even if it really exists at all. Apparently the many diverse aspects of what we know as "The Spiritual" follow absolute, definite and immutable Laws of the Universe. The problematical understanding block comes from the fact that the universe operates in many ways we do not yet fully understand or recognize.

Curiously the following was published in September, 1994. On August 17, 1993, a man by the name of Lee Carroll was "Channeling" an entity known as "Kryon" to the Del Mar Light Group in California. In this channeling, he described in great detail a place in Atlantis called the "Temples of Rejuvenation". Of particular interest that within these temples were special "Tables". The following is a description of these tables, paraphrased from "Kryon Book II". These tables were described as rotating in perfect synchronization, in speed, position, and direction. On these tables, subjects lay, surrounded by facilitators and a priest. The result of the time spent on these tables was the balancing of the human body.

Coincident Points, construction of the third prototype was begun in July, 1993. Continuous research involving several of these devices constructed since 1996 have consistently produced many and various "Healing Experiences". These devices have been acknowledged as being an extremely powerful healing tool or modality for working with our spiritual energy. Many are professionals in psychology, medical, spiritual, metaphysical, and many various healing disciplines. Results that have been obtained by these devices are in complete accord with all the highest purposes, intent and expectations. They have a distinct ability to elevate, integrate, balance and enhance a person's energetic or spiritual energy...   ~Jim Harmon

What Research and Professional Healers Say About The Trinity Table.

It is a fantastic device for "Centering" and "Balancing".

The sense of centering seemed to go deeply inward and some described it as a shift of dimensions. Others felt a lot of opening or change in their energy systems or chakras.

The Trinity Table provides core relaxation.

Clients report unanimously an immediate reduction in stress levels with benefits to the whole bio-systems.

Some have reported sensations of flying or a sense of Freedom, both Spiritual and Physical.

The release of stress and tension allows a corresponding shift in attitude and consciousness.

Those who have experienced The Trinity Table invariably come away refreshed and energized, ready to face life in a renewed fashion.

In a more esoteric vein, we find that people experience an expansion of the energy body, or electromagnetic field around the body.

Staff members who are sensitive to a physical awareness of this field report that it typically expands from being a foot or so out from the body to as much as 15 feet. This is interpreted as allowing the spiritual or energy body to expand into outer dimensions of reality, thereby experiencing life with a larger awareness.

Those who are gifted with the esoteric skills necessary for communication in these areas are able to do quite powerful healing work with their clients.

An especially useful and powerful tool for anyone doing regression or subliminal work.

We are very appreciative of the additions the Trinity Table has made to our center and its enhancement of our work in general.

We recommend it highly to anyone seeking to work on relaxation and the mind-body-spirit connections of their clients.

The Trinity Table appears to work in several therapeutic ways. First of all, it seems to achieve a high level 'alpha' state, in which most people do their healing, higher consciousness work, and deep level clearing.

I find in my work as a counselor/hypnotherapist that whatever modality I'm working with is enhanced by the Table.

It assists in easily putting most clients into a deep 'alpha' and often 'delta' state that works well with hypnotherapy or guided meditations.

I feel that it is a significant tool for relaxation and balance in the use of those involved in healing arts and therapies.

On many occasions, I have found that there is a high incidence of spontaneous releases of deep emotional issues and traumas.

I have also noted that after energy work and clearing, the table appears to facilitate an enhancement of the work that was done, and a feeling of great harmony and well-being to the client.

I strongly feel that it is a wonderful tool in the correct situations, and is an enhancer for the healing and therapeutic community. Hopefully, those who have the perfect blend of skills and sensitivity will be drawn to using this table. 

Tours taken by the Trinity Table...

California - Summer '96 , Two weeks of amazing discoveries, interesting people having some interesting "healing effects".

Oklahoma, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and Georgia, Spring /Summer '97, Nine weeks across five states, hundreds of amazing people having some "amazing experiences".

Cross Country Tour '98, Six months all across the USA, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Ohio, Maine, Virginia, Pennsylvania and more "adventures".

Texas from 1997 to 2009 Trinity Center of Ravenna, along with Earl B. Hall continued to create and develop several new magnetic healing and ascension technologies.

Since Jim and Connie's passing, they continue to work with us to anchor in the the New Earth energies.

The Trinity Project Lives On...

March of 2014 the research and guardianship of the Trinity Project was handed on to Earl B. Hall with the blessings of Jim Harmon (the son) and Sandra Thornton (daughter). Upon picking up the Trinity Table to bring back to Ohio, we (Earl B. Hall and his wife Shirley Huta, Ferol Humphrey, Jim Junior Harmon and his wife, Terry Victory, and Stephen Zarcone) held a Memorial Ceremony opened by Ferol Humphrey who was involved with the Trinity Table for many years.  We all had a session on the Trinity Table before the Original Table and Magnetic Dream Catcher were loaded for relocation.  The Spirit of Jim Harmon appeared, as seen in the photo below, granting his blessings for the continuation of the Trinity Project...

This Blessing was not one of Surprise, however, was so HEARTFELT it will FOREVER be REMEMBERED by all that were present.

Jim Harmon (son) & Spirit of Jim Harmon & Earl B Hall

Thank You

Jim and Connie Harmon

Jim Harmon & Connie Harmon

We Love You


 Medical Disclaimer:
The Trinity Table process is specific only for energetic / spiritual enhancement. It is not intended to treat, diagnose, prescribe or cure any illness, disease or condition. The Trinity Table is not a medical device. It produces no electrical or magnetic fields.

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